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december gonna end soon.
Sunday, December 20, 2009 | 4 comments

yohoo, how are you peeps ?
been a while since my last post..am such a lazy blogger, my bad..gee. don't blame me, blame those assignment(s) and final exam(s)..hihihi.

i'm doing my final project now, it's getting serious (more than everrr..). wish me luck, so i can graduate next year and continue my study..hehehehe.. :D bunch of thanks for noomie, fheny, and riati who gave me support on my final project..we should meet up soon ! :D

enough about academic life. how's your day, peeps ?
mine is so fluctuative that sometimes i'm feeling good or bad, in the same day. gee..
so, me and the girls were having fun this Thursday. we held a monthly arisan, just to keep in touch since we're rarely meet each other after we get on 4th grade this year..

this month arisan were host by Wulan and Avni. as a host, you have to choose the place to meet and the dresscode. at this december, the dresscode is dress (simple, right ? both of them are running out of idea because of the exams..hehe) and it took place at TreeHouse at Jl. Imam Bonjol, Bandung. the place and the food are quiet great, good ambience ! and if you lovetaking pictures, you gotta love this lace..hehe.

here are some picts of the arisan..

the whole team, minus Neno, Molin, and Wede (she's the one who take this pict)

with Wede, she's beautiful right ? :)

me wearing :
grey dress - matilda black blazer - mom's wedges - unbranded big white ring - KL, gift from Molin

and here are the winners : Wanti and Vina !!
congratulations, you both are the next month host ! :D

*the rest of the picts can be seen on my fb profile, we got more than 150 picts taken.. ;p*

and since december gonna end soon, have you all made your 2010's resolutions ? hehe..
happy holiday, guys ! :)

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