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back from hiatus
Friday, December 11, 2009 | 2 comments

hello, peeps ! :D

today is friday (TGIF!) and i've just done my last class for this term, the neurobiology class. yippie. ok, i'm just pretending that everything is fine while it's not. gee..i'm already on the last year and soooo close with the graduation.and i still don't know what to do with my life after the graduation..haa. ok, i prefer to skip it.. >.<

anyway, i'm just back from lampung this monday. lampung is located in sumatera island, it's quite near from java island. i went there with the whole part of aquaculture class. we spent 3 days there, coming to a company working on shrimp hatchery.. :) it's been fun, going to post the picts later.. i went snorkeling too there.. it's great while you forgot how to breath with your nose and use the mouth instead. the world under the sea is beautiful.. you should go try it someday.. :)

haa. i'm talking too much..hehe.
i'm such a movie freak actually and i've watched several movies lately. they're :

good in cinematography but the story is quite "standard". but i like it.. :)

great movie, i don't know what to say.. i love summer and tom ! :D

lower than my expectation.

it's great, but the story is too short and rather standard. the effect is quite good.
i enjoy RAIN much here.. ;)

and since holliday is coming, i'm going to spent a little time to watch :

paranormal activity

cloudy with a chance of a meatball

my sister's keeper


new york i love you

hmm. lots of movies to watch..hihihi. i'm so ready for holiday.. :)
so, what movie did you've watched lately ?

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