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Tuesday, August 4, 2009 | 5 comments

Hello, peeps !

After this super long holiday (including internship at different cities), finally i meet my beloved friends againnn ! Hehe..Today we arranged some plans to hang out together. We went to Ciwalk to watch UP movie. Before we watched, we had a lunch at Gokana. Here are several pictures of me and my friends there..

Glasses girls ! Hehe..

Finally watching UP. Gosh, this movie is sooooo great ! It's entertaining yet meaningful.. =) Am loving Mr. Fredericksen character. This movie brings a message, that everyone should keep their promise. It is funny but touchy..Can't stop crying while watching.. >.<
Mr. Carl Fredericksen



Ultra cute talking dog : DUG

sweet love story ever.

After watching, we went to Pizza Hut, EAT (again). Hehe..Guess it is the thing that we LOVE and we are proud to say that we're a PRO on eating.. lol.

Cross your heart, won't you ?

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