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it's NEW MOON, peeps !
Tuesday, August 4, 2009 | 1 comments

Hello, peeps ! Morning here.. =) Am still sleepy, until I saw this thingy from @eonline at twitter.
OK, I admit it. Not so sleepy again because of THIS one, not the OTHER one (sorry, Bella.. ;D )

Totally can't wait for the movie. Gosh, it's still on September. While you're waiting for the movie, here are some interesting things I found on the site.
DuWop's Lip Venom V

Guess this lip gloss will make your mouthpiece looking bloody delicious ! ahahaha..

Skybar's Twilight Edition

Hallmark's Valentine Card

Board Game - Twilight Edition
Good companion for sleepover party or family gathering.Available at Amazon.com

Cullen clan's Birthday Card
(Guess, you'll have a long life receiving this birthday card..lol)

Twilight : Director's Notebook
Already in the book store.

Well, I'm not that big fans of Twilight Saga.. =) Just want to share some stuffs with you, peeps.. Happy waiting for New Moon.. ;)

Ah, yea. Am going to college today, do something with my classes registration. Going to do it at home, I just want to meet my besties there.. ;D We're going to watch UP today.

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