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(500) days of summer : not a love story
Monday, August 3, 2009 | 2 comments

This post is a part 2 of my last post about Zoeey Deschanel. Am so loving this movie trailer, but haven't watch the movie, not yet (or never) played in Indonesia Cinema.
When you watch the trailer, there's a narator saying about the story. It's like an old style movie trailer but it's interesting. Hehe..

(500) Days of Summer is a story about 2 people, Tom (Levitt) and Summer (Deschanel). Tom is a man who believe that a thing called true love is exist, while Summer doesn't. Summer seems to be an average girl, but she actually had always attracted the attention of man, including Tom. Tom finally falls for Summer and they becoming more than friend. But one day, Summer ends their relationship and it breaks Tom's heart. He has a sister and 2 friends who always hear about his story with Summer, and giving advice what to do with Summer. It is, at the end, Tom decisions whether to forget her relationship with Summer or tries to win her back..

It's already been played in cinema overseas, hope it'll be played in Indonesia..