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Garnis. 1988. Jakarta, Indonesia. Just come back from blog hiatus.

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the art of being alone
Thursday, August 6, 2009 | 3 comments

by the time i wrote this, i felt so damn alone.
i was in my aunt's house, due to several college stuffs. well, i had fun with my besties but it's on tuesday. yesterday i met my cousin and had a lunch with my dad, but it's yesterday.

gee, am so boredddd !
there's no one to talk to. NO ONE. since this morning, i was only talking to my laptop. damn, it's not even a real conversation.

so what i did whole this time is looking at my twitter account, searching for some interesting pictures and some news. so far, i found myself looking @mrskutcher twitpic and enjoying her wonderful-goodlooking-gorgeous-husband.. lol

ohhhh, goddddd. please, just send someone who can cheer up my dayyyy !

picture of jackson rathbone (jasper hale - twilight saga).
somehow, i think this picture best portraying the art of being alone.