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Garnis. 1988. Jakarta, Indonesia. Just come back from blog hiatus.

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Hello, dello !
Monday, July 20, 2009 | 4 comments

It took me forever to write on this blog again..Geezz.. I'm not busy lately, it is the other lazy part of me taking control..hehe..

Anyway, today i went for lunch to Korean House at Jl. Sukajadi no. 175. Actually, i am learning korean now and that's why i want to try some korean foods. I went there with Bayu Prasetia, my fellow.. Here are some pictures that I took this afternoon..

Some octopus saute..Spicy !

Kimbab !

Mix rice..Yummy !

The whole lunch that we ate..

Such a full lunch today..Have a grateful day, people !

Adios !