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zooey !
Thursday, July 23, 2009 | 4 comments

yeap, from the title you'll know that i'm going to talk about lovely miss zooey deschanel (btw, there're 2 ways on writing her name : zoey and zooey, but both works when you're googling her..LOL).

i like everything about this girl. her name is weird yet cute, and her appearance also. she's been played in several movies, her latest movie is "yes, man" with jim carrey, but i've love this girl long ago before this movie !

her coming soon movie is (500) days of summer, had asked blitzmegaplex, they haven't confirmed whether this movie will be played in indonesia or not..i've seen the trailler and review about this movie, i am sooo gonna watch this movie.. =) her co-star is joseph gordon-levitt..like him too ! =)