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Garnis. 1988. Jakarta, Indonesia. Just come back from blog hiatus.

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hello, again !
Saturday, May 23, 2009 | 0 comments

Oh my dear..

I was abandoning my bog all over the time, due to this super hell semester..I am kinda busy with those thing about assignments, laboratory thingy, and sooo on..I am fully booked until next year..

Lately, I did blog walking everywhere..It's kinda interesting and ironic of course..I can do blog walking, but I can't even take any care to my own blog..huhuhu..

Truly, I am missing writing this blog..But sorry to say, when I'm about to write something, there's always another thing that makes my mind blow off, and..boom ! I suddenly lose my mood to write..Well, I'm a type of easily-distracted person..Hehe..

June is about to come, time for holiday..But I don't think I'll have any holiday..
On June, I'll have my Practical Field in Pt. Perkebunan Nusantara (a tea garden) in Puncak. It's a must, since I took credits for this lecture. I'll work there for a month and after that, on July, I'll start doing my Final Project until next year..

GOD, help me to pass this perfectly..
It's only YOU that I can count on..=)

Hope for the best to come..

Adios, People !