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hospitalized !
Wednesday, April 8, 2009 | 1 comments

I am getting sick ! ergghhh..This is the last thing that I would want to have on this bad season..Too bad, this week is my last exam-week..So I will have to go to finish my exam in a blurry vision and running nose ! yuckss !

I don't know exactly how'd this happen, but suddenly I felt like I got a bad cough in Sunday morning while finishing my microbiology report..I thought it would only be a cough, but it wasn't. The bad news is I got Evolution exam on the next morning and I have learn nothing ! So finally I went to see a doctor, she gave me this 3 amazing medicines (which I must take 3 times a day, with a cough-med that need to be take 3 spoon per times !)

The 3 amazing medicines !

my messy look ! ewww..

This socks help me prevent from cold..

my SAVIOR ! *forget all dizzy-ness on my head..yada-yada !

Hope I'll be better for the rest of the week, I stil have a million things to do..Hoo. Btw, for you Indonesian people, let's vote tomorrow : 9th of April 2009..