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Chung-Turner Fever !
Saturday, May 23, 2009 | 2 comments

Yesterday I was browsing for Alexa Chung, my favorite fashion idol..huhu..Fyi, she's a former model and tv presenter from UK..I heart her style, since it's so nice, simple, and effortless..She's now moving to US for her new TV program with MTV..Here are some of the thing that I found..
(source : everywhere I found about Alexa, it's kinda hard to cite it one by one, sorry)

I like the shoes !

Loves the gladi !!

And suddenly, when I continue browsing, I found out this !
and this..

and then this..

I was just realized that this man is ALEX TURNER, frontman of Arctic Monkeys !

(me and my friend, anggi, love him sooooooooo much)

Oh my..They made such a perfect couple..I like her and him !! And I was started to get crazy about them..hahaha..

So it's fix..I got this Chung-Turner Fever !! Hehehe..Love them both..They're living together now, hopes there'll be a marriage..I love them !!

Viva Alex - Alexa !!