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inspiration from seoul.
Friday, January 8, 2010 | 22 comments

hello, peeps !
it's me, back again here.. :) in the mood to write something so i decide to make today's post.
if you see the title, you'll know what i'm going to talk.
yep, inspiration from Seoul. why seoul ? because the person that inspires me is Goo Hye Sun and she's from Seoul, South Korea. and why she's inspiring me ? let me explain you..

Goo Hye Sun is an actress. the first time i saw her was on a drama series Boys Before Flowers. i like the drama, but not a fanatic one, so i don't pay lots attention to the cast. i mean, i know her role, but yeah..only know her role and her real name. that's all.

as Geum Jan Di on Boys Before Flowers

things were change when i'm accidentally found a video on youtube, which is a video of song titled goo hye sun on it. i thought she's singing and in my mind, i already underestimating her. all i know, most korean actress and actor are usually a singer too. so it's not a surprise to see her singin too.. but i don't know why, i try to listen it, only want to know how good her singing skill. but all i got is only a piano sound and yes, she's playing piano actually. the surprise is : i love her song. so i'm searching her album and fall for it.

her first album is composed by herself and it's called Sketcbook - Breathe. i'm totally loving the 8 well-composed songs. you better listen to it when you want to relaxing yourself and your mind. it's totally worth it. this is one of the song that i like, the tittle is "sound on the night rain".

for her album cover

press conference for her mini concert with a japanese musician, Isao Sasaki

and after that, i start googling about her. and i got more surprises from this girl, she's a painter and an author at the same time. she's creating an illustration book titled Tango. this book sold 30.000 copies at the first week. it's a love story book with great illustration. she made the whole illustrations and had an exhibition for it.

at her exhibition

her book, "Tango"

more of it, she's started her career as a director. yep, Goo Hye Sun is a director in the making. after directing her short movie The Madonna, she's now doing her latest project, Magic. this story take place in musical school and start shooting at the end of 2009.

directing for AISFF (Asiana Interrnational Short Film Festival) 2009 trailer

she has a great style too. i love her style since she doesn't put lots of make up. her style is nice, pretty, and simple. she's been put in several photoshoots for her work and her style.

so, she acts in drama, a director, author, painter, composed her own song, playing piano and sing. i wonder what she can't do ? things that i can learn from her is that we're young, but it doesn't mean we can't achieve lots of thing in one time. she's 25 years old but she already get lots of achievement and that's inspire me. i have lots of dream, just like her, and i'm on my way to realize it. dare to dream, brave to achieve it.

so, who's the person that inspires you ? :)

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