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back on track !
Saturday, November 14, 2009 | 2 comments

hello, peeps !
how do you do ? i hope you're all doing great.. :) it feels like i'm abandoning my blog for a while. well, due to the bad internet connection and tons of college thingy to finish, i don't think i can update my blog most of the time..hehe..

for the post today, i'll put something i lately like : watching tv series.. here are some series that i watch constantly lately..

1. gossip girl (season 3)

needless to say what's the story about this series, right ? ;) well, actually the story is kinda sinetron typical, but mostly we can't guess what will happen next..hehehe..

2. how i met your mother (season 5)

this is a story about ted, a single architect, on his way finding the mother of his kids. he has 4 amazing friends on his love adventure, they are : Marshall (his best friend since college), Lily (Marshall's girl, also his college's friend), Barney (his "legendary" friend), and Robin (his ex-crush). what i like about this series is that the cast got a great chemistry and great humor..hehehe. i love Barney most ! ;)

3. flash forward
new series from abc.. i've just watch the first 5 episode..the story start when people all over the world suddenly had a black out for 2 minutes and 17 seconds precisely. when they woke up, the world is kinda mess, because everything is suddenly out of control..the story is getting interesting, because people who had black out are able to see future for the next 6 months..

so, what series do you happen to watch lately ?

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