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reversals of fortune
Tuesday, August 25, 2009 | 0 comments

hello, peeps.
haven't write for the last 2 weeks. it's my lazy part taking of control lately. hehehe.
so how's your day ? i'm not really that busy this semester, mostly i spend my time doing my final project. a bit nervous about it. uh oh..

btw, i am back bringin some new news. since i am missing gossip girl, i'll feed my blog with some gossip girl stuff (again). hahahaha. owkay, let's start..

gossip girl season 3 promotion shot.

blair's room on the dorm

several pictures from the set

ready for another picture from season 3 premiere episode : reversals of fortune ?

and if you pay a visit here, you'll know some story leaked by the executive producer..
i bet you'll feel more impatient to watch the series. hehehe..

forget already about season 2 ? here's some recap, only in 2 minutes..
enjoy ! :)