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MERANTAU : indonesian action movie
Wednesday, August 19, 2009 | 0 comments

yesterday is my first day in college again and it's pretty dissapointing. i got some trouble and almost being a victim of computerization error. after taken care of everything, i have to meet my advisor and all of my planning to watch a movie in cinema were ruin.

fortunately, my friend Neno wanted to watch movie too. so she picked me around 6pm and we went to ciwalk, watching MERANTAU. ok, i just watched it only with one of my friend but i do truly not regret it. the movie was great, build with a quite good story. what makes me proud to watch it is that this movie is made by indonesiannnn ! love it.

the story of MERANTAU is about a man named Yuda (Iko Uwais) who has to do MERANTAU to prove that he's already becoming a better man. Merantau is one of tradition in West Sumatra, do by all men who's about to be an adult. on his way merantau in Jakarta, Yuda meet with Adit and Astri (Chika Jessica). so his adventure start there.. well, i can't tell you more. you should watch it by yourself to get what i mean..hehe.

iko uwais, mian cast of merantau. he's so cool !!

am planning to watch cin(t)a today, another Indonesian movie. yuhuuuu..off first, peeps. need to go to campus..see yaa !


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