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end year trip with my girls
Wednesday, January 14, 2009 | 0 comments

I was quite long not making a new post on my page, it's surely because of the final exam..
now it's over, i'll put back my grip on the wall..hohoho..

On 27th Dec '08, me and my friend went to Istora Senayan, Jakarta to watch our Marching Band team compete on the annual Grand Prix Marching Band. It's our second year to visit and it's totally FUN !

The morning before we get there, we decide to take a little photo session taken at Taman Menteng..Hehe..Here are some pictures that we get..

When the pictures were taken, Jakarta was on its HOTTEST temp, we guess..But still, it's lots of funnn there..hoho..
After that, we're going to Istora and saw the match..There's pictures taken, but too bad, the picture were all blur because all the band that perform were moving quite fast..

We had lunch on Fx, new mall near Istora..Quite have fun there, even the food were not satisfy me..Icut join us there, so the full team is..

left side (back to front) : icut , icca, cella right side (b to f) : eha, gitmon, me

It was a nice end year trip..Hoho.. Got to tell you later about my trip to Jogja. another nice trip at the end of 2008. Adios, people !

* the rest of the photo can be seen here...