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Garnis. 1988. Jakarta, Indonesia. Just come back from blog hiatus.

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the rain will fall, the rain will fall..
Monday, December 22, 2008 | 0 comments

it's still early in the morning, and raining already..
too lazy to get up from my bed..i wish i could go with my blanket covered me..hahaha..

my mom tried several times to wake me up. too bad, she's succeed.. =P
haa. i was almost forgot that today is mother's day, so i went downstair and congrats my mom..
just a kiss and big hug, i thought she's kinda like it..hoho.
i'm thinking of buying her a cheesecake, one of her fave..hoo. later on..

need to prepare to meet my sist, we're going to braga today..
looking for old magazines there and maybe a photo shoot ?

adios, people !